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About Us

Japanese 'Omotenashi/hospitality' in Indonesia

SANCREST is made up with the words “sanctuary” and “rest” and it means to serve requests with the highest level of hospitality in this special place.
You can enjoy our sincere Japanese hospitality even in Indonesia.

We welcome you with high quality facilities and services
Entrance Hall
Dani Supardani
General Manager
Dani Supardani
We will do our best to help our guests relax and enjoy themselves.

SANCREST is a ‘Serviced apartment’ which was opened in February 2014 in the Deltamas city, Bekasi. The Serviced apartment is accommodation, which is a cross between a hotel and a rental apartment. This is not a very common accommodation style in Japan, but is common in Southeast Asia and mostly expatriates from overseas companies use it.

We have a total of 105 1 bed-room type and 1LDK type of guest rooms. Each room is completed with all necessary furniture, electrical devices, CATV and Internet access. Also in order to provide all our guests with the most comfortable stay, we have other facilities such as a big public bath with a sauna, Japanese restaurant “KiraKira Ginza”, convenience store, spa & massage area and business center.

We provide free daily room cleaning, free linen exchange and a laundry service up to 6 items per day(some part of a laundry service would be charged), We also help you with car arrangement and pick-up service at the front desk.

Our great security system.

We will protect you from the invasion of suspicious individuals by the surveillance camera system of ALSOK which has highly proven results in the total crime prevention service.
We have 24h guards inside the facilities for security and provide immediate assistance in case of emergencies.
Since culture, customs, and social environment is significantly different from Japan, it is important to be proactive while understanding these situations to avoid risks. “BASS Security Service” deeply understands the characteristics of both Japan and Indonesia, dispatching professional guards who have completed our curriculum and education, offering safety and security.