It’s an accommodation which is a cross between a hotel and a rental apartment. This is not a very common accommodation style in Japan but is common in Southeast Asia and mostly expatriates from overseas companies use it.

  • Annual contract is the basic style but monthly payment can be accepted. You could stay even for one night depending on the accommodation.
  • All the rooms are furnished and also equipped with electric devices and other necessary facilities even for a longer stay.
  • The utility expenses are included in the price.
  • You can request room cleaning, free linen exchange and a laundry service as in a hotel.
  • Breakfast is usually included in the price.

SANCREST offers free daily room cleaning.
For mid-to-long stay guests, we provide free linen exchange once every 2 to 3 days, and for daily stay guests, once every day. We provide free laundry service for up to 6 items per day. After that, dry-cleaning and same-day cleaning services will be charged.
We also provide free breakfast at KiraKira Ginza (Japanese restaurant) and we help you with car arrangement and pick-up service at the front desk.

The traffic situation around Jakarta is quite bad and it usually gets quite packed in the morning, evening and also on rainy days. If you live in Jakarta and go to work in Deltamas city, it could take up to 3 hours to drive 37km when the traffic is bad.

The severity of traffic jams is different depending on the day of the week, so it’d be very difficult to estimate the transportation time and that would make you feel drained about even going to work. Gridlock has happened often. And the number of cars on the road has been increasing, however the maintenance of the infrastructure hasn’t caught up, so this adds to the traffic problem.

3 in 1 law (more than 3 people have to be in one car except for taxis has come into force in certain areas and during certain times of the day) has been accepted but it hasn’t helped the traffic situation yet. Also the public transportation system such as buses and trains are not well-developed and offer little convenience, so unfortunately the public transportation is not safe when compared to that of Japan.

Considering this traffic situation, we offer a considerable advantage in offering accommodation at Deltamas city. And we also provide a pick-up/drop-off service to some industrial areas nearby Deltamas city.

Nasi Goreng is one of the famous Indonesian food and is very delicious.
However, Indonesian food has stronger taste compared Japanese food and since they have a lot of fried food, some Japanese people find it difficult to eat every day.

For that reason, Japanese long-stay guests tend to eat a lot more Japanese food. The Japanese restaurant is usually packed during lunch time.

The Japanese restaurant called ‘KiraKira Ginza’ which is quite popular among the Japanese living in Indonesia is here at SANCREST.

Since wireless connection is common in Indonesia and the communication situation is not very good, there are times when the connection gets cut off suddenly. The internet infrastructure is not well-organized compared to that of Japan.
It’ll be very important for business people, especially for long-stay people to secure a reliable internet connection.

There are now hotels that charge for internet connection in Indonesia but SANCREST provides free wireless internet service that you can use around the apartment.
This is one of the great attractions of SANCREST.

About our payment system

We ask for payment in advance on your arrival.
SANCREST is not a hotel but a serviced apartment, so we won’t charge for service fee. Japanese staff will take care of your payment.

In addition, 10% of value-added tax will be added to your bill, so please bear this in mind, regardless of corporate use or individual use in Indonesia.
Also in case of the corporate use, PPH4-2 (Withholding tax system) will be applied, so please contact us for further information.

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