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Room Information

Clean space and high quality facilities

We offer 3 types of rooms consisting of: 2 types of 1 bedroom style rooms and 1 type of 1LDK room.
We provide you with the most relaxing time with functional and highly convenient facilities.

Type A/Type B  1Bedroom(30.1m2)

You can enjoy the open space with a nice breeze from a 3,000mm (width) window and a shower room which is especially necessary in a tropical climate.
We provide a queen size bed (1,600mm width) for the comfort of long-stay guests. The room is equipped with a big-screen TV and all the facilities you need for a comfortable stay.

Type A/Type B  1Bedroom(30.1m2)
Click here for Type A /Type B 1Bedroom(30.1m2)Room Layout

Type C  1LDK(50.4m2)
Calm room based in a dark brown color. This type has more space compared to the Type A and B.
We provide a King size bed (1,800mm width), big-screen TVs in the living room and the bed room. This room is recommended for people who treasure private time.
Type C  1LDK(50.4m2)

It also has a bathtub in the room so that you can enjoy your quiet and relaxing bathtime.


The spacious room has a simple kitchen and dining table, so you can enjoy cooking.


Each room has a shoe box and closet that’s large enough to fit a golf bag.


Click here for Type C 1LDK(50.4m2)Room Layout

Room facilities
Japanese brand electrical devices

Every room has a big-screen TV (include CATV), DVD Player, refrigerator, microwave and air cleaner. We provide functional and reliable Japanese brand electrical devices, air cleaner to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Fire Proof curtain

In Japan, it's obligatory for places such as hotels and hospitals to have "fire proof" curtains and carpets. In order to provide you with Japanese high quality safety and security, we too have chosen to use fire proof curtains.

Desk & Chair

Desk with high functionality and chair developed based on ergonomics will create a comfortable space for you.

Internet access

You can get free internet access for your business.