Guest Rooms | Hotel Kuretakeso Thailand Sri Racha

Single Roomシングルルーム

Single Room
Size 20㎡
Bed width 160cm
Number of rooms 20 rooms

Twin Roomツインルーム

Twin Room
Size 25~35㎡
Bed width 120cm×2 beds
Number of rooms 9 rooms

Double Roomダブルルーム

Double Room
Size 30㎡
Bed width 180cm
Number of rooms 67 rooms

Deluxe Double Roomデラックスダブルルーム

Deluxe Double Room
Size 40㎡
Bed width 180cm
Number of rooms 3 rooms

Japanese-style Room和室

Japanese-style Room
Size 30㎡
Bed width 120cm×2 beds
Number of rooms 6 rooms

Handicap-accessible Roomバリアフリールーム

Handicap-accessible Room
Size 25㎡
Bed width 160cm×2 beds
Number of rooms 2 rooms

Kuretakeso original bed

Kuretakeso original bed

“KTS Original Natural Sleep” 

Our original mattresses use a special cut-zoned construction* and high-elasticity urethane to firmly support you while you sleep.
Properly distributing your body's pressure, these mattresses let you rest in your ideal sleep posture. They fit the body's contours for a stable night's sleep without slipping or moving.
They also don't hurt your shoulders if you turn over in the night.

*The special cut-zoned construction is a mattress design wherein the mattress and spring coils offer the ideal support for pressure from different parts of the body, such as shoulders, hips, haunches, and legs.
With it, these mattresses provide the sleeper both ideal sleeping posture and smart pressure distribution.

All rooms equipped with Wi-Fi

All rooms equipped with Wi-Fi
Our hotel features internet connections in every room via a facility-wide wireless LAN (Wi-Fi). Please feel free to use it on your laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
A wired LAN is also available for use, so guests may use whichever is best for their needs.

• Please set your IP address to automatic assignment.
• If your IP address does not remain fixed, your device may not connect to the internet.
• Heavy traffic* will result in slower network speeds. As this affects other guests, please refrain from using the internet in this manner.

*Uploading video and video conferencing are among the types of traffic that consume large amounts of data packets
*A wired LAN is also available for use.

A full range of facilities for guests' comfort during their stay.

Room overview

In-room facilities TV (40” - 50”), VOD services, internal telephone, wired LAN (wireless LAN), tea set, refrigerator (empty), dryer, toilet with washlet, separate air conditioner
Amenities Body soap, shampoo, rinse, toothbrush set, razor, towel, bath towel, sleepwear, slippers, deodorizing spray, face & hand soap
Equipment loaned from the front desk Desk lamp, iron, humidifier, different types of pillows, smartphone chargers, blankets